Parish Media & Communications

Get the word out about groups and events!

Available Parish Media:

  1. Bulletin
  2. Email Newsletter (All Parish & Young Adults)
  3. Narthex Screens/Café Slides
  4. Parish Website
  5. Facebook
  6. Slat Boards

Send submissions to your ministry's staff liaison.  If you do not know your staff liason or are a group outside the parish, please call the parish office and they will direct you.  

Please Note:

  • Priority is given to parish events.
  • Events can appear in parish media for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Ministry Leads (NOT Staff Liaisons) are responsible for creating the content.
  • Layout, wording, formatting, and graphics of your submission will be edited at the discretion of the communications staff.
  • Due to limited space, in times of high demand, some events may not be printed in the bulletin or displayed on the Narthex TVs.
  • Graphics/photographs should be submitted in .jpg or .png format.  Narthex TV slides (see procedures below) should be submitted in Power Point.  PDF documents cannot be used.

How To Submit Announcements For The Narthex Screens

  1. Read the Guidelines below to ensure that your event or activity fits within the parameters for screen display
  2. Select the template that works best for your needs and add your picture and/or text
  3. Submit your completed announcement to your Staff Liaison for initial approval.

Screen Announcement Submission Guidelines

  • ALL announcements must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint format on one of the preformatted templates that are available to the right. No fonts or layout may be changed but submitters are free to choose the layout that best meets their needs.
  • All submissions need to be sent to your ministries Staff Liaison for approval. 
  • Announcements that are posted on the Narthex screens will promote events/opportunities that are of general interest to a larger segment of the parish
    • Example: Sandwich makers – YES; Quilt blessing – YES, Group changes meeting time – NO, Young Adult Retreat – YES; Weekly or monthly meeting of a parish group – NO.
  • Groups wanting to post an announcement to seek out new members will be able to do so at most every 2 months, space allowing, but no membership ads will be run on a weekly basis. The annoucement should be submitted on the Member Drive Template.
  • No Personal announcements (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.)
  • Announcements can be added to the rotation UP TO one month before the event, but if it is a time of high demand, it may be held for a week or two, but will be prioritized as the event date nears.
  • A maximum of 25 slides will run at any given time (5-7 seconds each)
  • If you submit an announcement and your staff liaison or the committee decides that it will not run, you will be notified by email as to that decision and the reason for it.
  • Priority will be given to the events that are announced according to the following:
    • Sacramental events of the parish – Holy Days of Obligation, Christmas/Easter Masses, Anointing of the Sick,  etc.
    • Parish Life – Crab Feed, Service Day, School events open to the parish, Retreats, Parish Missions/speakers, etc.
    • Parish Sponsored Activities – NBP, March for Life, etc
    • Catholic Events – Speakers/Missions/Events at other parishes, Archbishop Burnett Retreat Center, etc.
    • Other events as deemed appropriate
  • Please email your Staff Liasion with any questions.  

Announcement Templates

To submit an announcement, please use one of the powerpoint templates below, then submit them directly to your ministry's staff liaison.

To Preview the Sample, click on the Thumbnail below.

To access the template, click on the link below.

Banner Picture Template

Use this if you have a long, narrow picture (13.33x3.5).

Horizonal Picture Template

Use this if you have a 4x6 picture.

Small Picture / Member Drive

Use this if you would like to recuit new members to your ministry or group. It accommodates a square picture.


Text Only Template1

Use this if you only have basic text.



Text Only Yellow Banner

Use this if you would like to highlight certain information about your event.

Vertical Picture or Flyer Template

Use this if you have an 8.5x11 flyer or vertical picture.

Marketing 101:Tips for effective event announcements.

Click Here to learn more. 



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