Catechist Volunteers Needed!


Are you interested in volunteering in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?

  We need your help!

Currently, we do not have enough catechists to cover the sessions that we need. Without volunteers, we cannot serve all the parish children who would like to participate.

In this program, there are many ways to serve. You may be a volunteer, catechist, assistant, or a substitute. You may help with the plants, organize supplies, or restock consumable materials. Or maybe you know someone who could help.

Each family is unique, only you and God know your family’s situation. I humbly invite you to prayerfully discern, with the Holy Spirit, how you can help. 
If  you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please email Connie.

Are you discerning to become a catechist? If you are interested in formation, there are currently 2 course formats for CGS courses for adults:  the "concentrated 8-10 day course over two summers" model, and the"one day a month" or the weekend model.  Visit for more information.


Catechist Testimonies 

"From this course I learned and experienced a deeper understanding of Church doctrine through the beautiful, peaceful presentations of materials in the atrium.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the gifts given to me these past eight days.  Truly a blessing!"

- Judy (course participant from Level I part 1 in August 2017, current Level I Sunday catechist)

"I learned things that I did not know as a cradle Catholic! Thank you [Marty O'Bryan] for being open to answering questions from all of us, even those of us who do not have the theology background that you have!  I loved your personal stories, it made the experience more real!"

-  Molly (course participant from Level I part 2 in August 2017)

"New insights:  Mystery is the eternally knowable, not an excuse for things that are hard to explain.  Children must fall in love with the Good  Shepherd.  It is good to know to do good for the sake of Good and proper moral formation" 

- Pablo (course participant from Level I part 1 in August 2017, current Level II Sunday assistant)

"Jesus is crowned with thorns.  We are crowned with fire." - 6 year old in Level I atrium (2019).



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