CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Sports


CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Sports

CYO Sports exists to provide opportunities for parish youth to participate in athletic activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable, andpromote the Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation. All eligible youth are given the opportunity to participate without try-outs or “cuts”.

 2023 HFK Adult Tournament Weekend

After a three year absence we’re very excited to share that our HFK Adult Tournament weekend will be coming back Thursday 02.02 – Saturday 02.04!  For many of you this will be your first time experiencing this fun weekend.  Attached is the flier from 2020 to give you a better idea of how this tournament works.  Below is details of how the tournament works –

  • Dads play basketball against each other via grades with alumni acting as “floaters”.
  • Moms play volleyball against each other via selected teams with alumni included.
  • All teams will have coaches to communicate and manage the teams.  Those will be assigned in January.
  • Winning teams will be rewarded championship t-shirts and be added to the trophies we have in the school trophy closet.
  • We will have official referees for all games and this is a mix of local officials and people from within our own community.  All referees will receive free meals throughout the weekend.  Please contact us if interested in refereeing.
  • The 6th grade class is responsible for managing the concessions stand during all games.  Main meal on Saturday will be the Knights of Columbus’ famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches!  Thursday and Friday TBD.
  • Participation fee is a charitable contribution of your choice to our “Here To Help” Campaign after all expenses are paid out for the event.
  • Bill Lapke will be managing the Dads basketball portion for one more year before he retires into the sunset.  He’ll be actively looking for next year’s coordinator.
  • We are in need of a woman to manage the Moms volleyball side so please reach out if interested.  This person is needed in order to make this event happen!

The goal of the weekend is to bring the community together and sort of flip CYO sports around with the kids cheering on the adults for a change.  This is truly a fun weekend and this will be our 24th year of having this event.  Please register using the following link – – and please read the instructions for how to register under “grade” if you have kids in multiples classes or are an alumni.  Registration is open now and will close by mid-January so we have a couple of weeks to get the tournament ready.  However the more registrations we can get between now and Christmas break the better as there is a lot of behind the scenes coordination that takes place to have this tournament be a successful event.  So please register now for this awesome weekend!

Please reach out with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you on the court!

2022-2023 Youth Sports Registration 

It’s now time to open registration for next year’s sports programs!  HFK CYO opens registration for all sports so you can sign up for as many as you’d like now vs. later.  All registrations can be easily refunded if the specific sports schedule doesn’t work out when the season starts.  The biggest ones we need immediate signups for now are soccer and cross country since team registrations get submitted to CYO in late August before school begins.  So please try and sign up for those two programs now so we can be proactive before the August deadlines.  The attached PDF will give you a good overview of our programs and the links are also below –

(One quick reminder.  Please update the correct grade for your child when registering; i.e. what grade they will be in next year.  Thanks!) 

Soccer (K – 8th) –

XC (K – 8th) –

Basketball (4th – 8th) –

Volleyball (4th – 8th) –

Track & Field (4th – 8th) –

And, as always, our sports teams would not be possible without our amazing coaches!  Please register here: 

Coaching –

Athletic Director – Milo Magnano (

Soccer – Zach Bourn (

XC – Joanna Jones (

Basketball – Jeff D’Ambrosio (

Volleyball – Chris Comunale (

Track & Field – Elisa Flasko (

Treasurer – Jason White (

Adult CYO Sports Registration

Adult Registration is now open for the 2022 – 2023 school year.  Below are links to our adult programs –

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball (CYO) –  (CYO team sport where you compete against other schools; we fielded two teams last year)

Adult Men’s Basketball –       (Open gym format for those guys wanting to play hoops)

Adult Co-Ed Pickleball –  (New this year!  Open gym format for those adults wanting to play some Pickleball)

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball (Friday) -  (New starting in September!  Now Co-ed open gym format for those wanting to play volleyball; not CYO volleyball)



2022-2023 Youth Sports Registration Information - CLICK HERE


2022-2023 Adult Sports Registration Information - CLICK HERE


2023 Adult Tournament Weekend Information - CLICK HERE

Sports Photos by Photography by Diane Ahern-Order Your CYO Sports photos HERE


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