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Father Nagel introduces Connect Groups!



Married Couples For married couples of any age. There are multiple groups that meet on different days.
Young Married Couples For younger couple. There are multiple groups that meet on different days.
Open to All Open to anyone wishing to join a group.
Young Adults Young adults both married and single.
Single Women For single women of all ages and situations.
Young Mothers For young mothers to connect and share with their children.
New to the Faith For those who recently entered or are returning to the church.
After Alpha For those after taking Alpha looking for a faith sharing group with others who have attended Alpha.



For More Information

Please contact Harry Matthews or send an email to


What Is A Connect Group?

A Connect Group provides a place for Holy Family parishioners to build friendships through small faith-based groups to fulfill the parish mission – which is to live and share the joy of the Gospel.

Why Join A Connect Group?

There is one uniting purpose for all Connect Groups: that is to be welcoming communities who support one another in encountering Jesus and to discover our calling as His Disciples. Every Connect Group will have the missionary purpose at its core.

Connect Groups help explore the faith. No matter your circumstances or where you are in your faith journey, there is a Connect Group for you. Below is a list of the groups.   

How do they work?

Connect Groups meet once a month for two hours in the homes of parishioners. Rather than explain it, here is a testimony from a Connect Group participant that describes their experience.

                The Connect Group has been a blessing to me and my wife. I have really enjoyed and been blessed to hear and share in each member’s faith journey. I feel that the relationships we have established have gone beyond the group itself. When I see others in the group at Mass, there is a familiarity and a sense of connection. In addition there is also a reminder to pray for that person. The big takeaway for me is that it takes time to build a relationship and the key is trust. We feel we have made great relationships and our faith has grown as a result of those relationships and the group overall.

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